Backpack forest fire extinguisher unit "Perga"
About product
The backpack fire extinguisher unit "Perga" is used to fight forest fires. The extinguishing effect is achieved by beating the flame with a powerful flow of air and water mix. Lightweight and portability make work in the forest more comfortable, and the high speed of the water-air mix flow (70 m/s) ensures the effectiveness of extinguishing.

Name and value of the technical feature
1. Capacity, 27 l
2. Power, h.p. 1
3. Productivity 2,5 l/min
4. Working capacity of the cylinder, 25,4 cubic cm
5. Airflow speed, 70 m/s
6. Fuel tank capacity, 450 ml
7. Weight, 5,8 kg
Backpack forest fire extinguisher unit "Perga"
14000 UAH
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