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Fire mobile units

These units were developed by domestic designers for more effective use in extinguishing forest fires. The weight of the units is 145-180 kg (depending on the capacity of the tank), which allows to transfer it by the vehicle quickly and compactly. The unit is made of metal painted with red powder paint, which prevents metal corrosion, and can contain the following complete set:

- Easily removable high-pressure fire engine pump (4-stroke engine, productivity - 600 l/min, jet range - 500 meters).

- A water tank with a capacity of 500, 600, 700, 800 and 1000 liters, which has the following pressure-suction pipelines (pipeline for supplying water to the tank and to the pump, a pipe for draining water outside the vehicle, valves D51 mm for a quick connection of fire hose). The tank is equipped with the protecting structure to prevent overturning during transportation.

- Pressure hose D32mm type T with fire hose connection 32/50 - 5 pcs. (100 meters), or a solid hose on a reel drum with a length of 50 meters.

- Foaming agent dosing system with a 10-liter tank.

- Pressure-suction hose D51 mm with fire hose connection -50 - 1 pc. (length from 4 to 10 meters).

- Suction strainer SV-50 – 1 pc..

- Fire nozzle RSP-50 - 1 pc., or fire nozzle Protek 2360

- Backpack forest fire extinguisher - 2 pcs.

- Backpack forest fire extinguisher "Perga" - 1 pc.

- Fire beater GPH- 2 pcs.

Approximate price of the TB-0.6 fire unit in the complete set (fire engine pump Koschin 50VR – 1 pc., water tank with a capacity of 600 liters, pressure hose D32mm type T with fire hose connection 32/50 – 5 pcs. (100 meters), pressure-suction hose D51 mm with fire hose connection -50 - 1 pc., suction strainer SV-50 - 1 pc., fire nozzle RSP-50 - 1 pc., backpack forest fire extinguisher - 2 pcs.) is 128,000.00 UAH including VAT.

The units are manufactured according to technical specifications U 28.1-38107643-003:2018 and have a certificate of conformity.

We can manufacture fire units according to the customer's specifications.

Fire unit TB-0.6
128000 UAH
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Our products are manufactured according to European standards and have passed certification in Ukraine.
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