About the product
Firewater tanks are designated for the storage of water in the areas of fire extinguishing and refueling with water in firefighting backpacks (backpack forest fire extinguishers). The folded tank takes a little space; it can be delivered to the fire sites with any kind of transport and be assembled in a few minutes. This type of firewater tanks is the most popular for extinguishing fire, the ability to draw water through the neck, as well as through the drain hose. The firewater tanks are made in two types: closed and open.

Firewater tanks have the following capacity: 500 l., 1000 l., 1500 l., 2000 l., 5000 l..
Firewater tank 500 l.
4200 UAH
Firewater tank 1000 l.
6800 UAH
Firewater tank 2000 l.
9500 UAH
Our main advantages are own manufacturing and well-coordinated hard-working team, which quickly meets the needs of our customers.

Our products are manufactured according to European standards and have passed certification in Ukraine.
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