Gas mask GP-7
Gas masks GP-7 are manufactured in 3 sizes and protect against the following types of gases:

- from nerve agents (such as sarin, soman, and others), blood-and-nerve agent (such as cyanogen chloride, hydrocyanic acid and others), radioactive substances (such as methyl iodide and others) with a protective effect of up to 6 hours;

- from drops of poisonous substances of blister agents (such as yperite and others) with a protective effect of up to 2 hours;

The gas mask does not protect against carbon monoxide, as well as low-boiling substances such as methane, ethane, butane, acetylene and others

Gas mask GP-7
950 UAH
Respirator Ru-60 M
Respirator Ru-60 M is designed to protect the respiratory system from a wide range of harmful and toxic gases. Respirators Ru-60 M are anti-aerosol, with a carbon filter to protect against smoke, oil mist, and suspended solid particles.
Respirator Ru-60 M
300 UAH
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